Hush Creative

“Doing business without
advertising is like hiding in
the dark. You’re there but
nobody knows you’re there.
Doing business with ineffective
advertising is like paying to
hide in the dark.”

Imants Jaunitis

I grew out of hide-and-seek
a long time ago.

With over 35 years of expertise
in the creation of visually stunning
logos, literature and associated
material (you can call it branding
if you like) - I can produce all kinds
of stationery, leaflets, brochures,
packaging, point-of-sale, press/print
advertising, web page design,
building and vehicle signage etc.
I write, produce and direct radio
and tv commercials and
corporate video's.

With your approval at each stage,
I can organise the whole project
- copy-writing, design, photography,
illustration, artwork, printing
and/or production.

The advantages of dealing
with an experienced professional,
rather than with the larger art
studio or advertising agency lie
in better communication and
quality control for faster, more
accurate and less costly results.
In today's competitive market
place, no company or
organisation can afford to be
mistaken for a competitor or
worse not noticed at all.

I advise on graphic, communication
and marketing challenges, based on
research if available or, from years of
experience in working with large and
small clients with varying budgets.

When you want to be noticed,
phone me

Imants Jaunitis Creative Director
on 07 3832 5729.